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Start Grow Protect Your Brand With Ease!

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Legal does not have to be complicated. Whether you’re looking to protect your brand with a trademark, start your LLC, or make sure you get paid with a contract we make the process seamless and easy.

No more Googling.

No more DIY.

No more trying to figure it out on your own.


All it does is cause you to be overwhelmed and you have enough on your plate already. Leave the legal in the hands of an experienced attorney so you can grow your business with peace of mind knowing your business is protected the right way. 


Are you ready to start, grow, protect your brand?

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Areas of Practice


Our trademark services help business owners secure the brand so they can grow their business with a peace of mind. Whether you want to protect a name, logo, or phrase we can help.


We share your passion for making your community a better place, whether your dream is to help those in your community or across the globe. We can ease your concern about the complex requirements to form and run a nonprofit.


Brent Bownes Law, PLLC can offer personalized solutions to starting your business. Let us worry about the legal aspects of your business while you focus on growth and day-to-day operations.

Areas of Practiv

 see what our clients are saying


Sheena Gray

Trinity Gray Logistics

My experience was very professional and seamless! Everything was broken down to me in terms that I could understand without having a legal background! I appreciate the patience and dedication she put into all of my needs for this project. Brent Bownes Law, PLLC will be the first firm I call for future business contracts and/or legal advice! I have not one complaint, from start to finish it was amazing!

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No need to worry about the copycats, I'm here to help you control and protect your brand.

Inside this 13 page E-book, you'll find a wealth of knowledge that will set the foundation you need to start, grow and protect your brand.

"it finally clicked....I found my niche"

In September of 2020, after years of practicing criminal law, I realized it wasn’t fulfilling, and my true purpose, or serving my clients in the way they deserved. It was hard for me to let criminal law go because I've always wanted to be a criminal defense attorney (Cue Johnnie Cochran) I felt like I was giving up on my people, but I just wasn't happy.


So, I decided to try something different. I decided to focus on business law and trademarks, totally falling in love! I’m excited to serve people every single day! I’m proud that I’m still helping my people!


I get to provide cultural-centric legal representation that Black women and other marginalized people deserve but don’t receive at other firms. I am finally on the right path! 

Danielle Brent Bownes


 finding my true purpose…

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