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Protecting Your Brand


Did you know you don’t actually own your brand? Let’s change that!

A trademark allows you to protect your business and own your brand

What is a trademark and why do you need it?

In technical terms, a trademark is any word, name, symbol, phrase, or any combination, used or intended to be used to identify and distinguish the goods/services of one seller or provider from those of others, and to indicate the source of the goods/services. 

In BB Law terms, a trademark is basically anything that identifies your brand that you use in connection with your goods or services.

A trademark is the ONLY way you own your brand. 

So, if you’re selling or getting ready to sell your product or service you should have a trademark.

We hate Copycats over here! 

NOT having a Trademark is a guaranteed way to produce industry clones!

When brands with Trademarks begin to get copied it’s hard for copycats to even copy properly because most things are off-limits.


And I’m sure we all know that one site where we could go buy the knock-offs and cheaper versions of things and then 3 weeks later…GONE 🏃‍♀️💨

Because once the original brand finds out what’s up; Trademarks come out, cease & desist are sent, lawsuits get filed, and them copycats go RUNNING!

I have and will continue to recommend your firm because of the person that you are. I will tell anyone, Danielle is honest and straight to the point. You are not in the business of giving fake information or taking money. You are hard-working and dedicated to your clients. You check in periodically and remind us to get on our grind. Lastly, you support your customers in return. It's never a one-sided relationship working with you!

- Ashley Dew Owner of Infinite Affirmations

Own it! I mean literally, OWN YOUR BRAND!

Let’s check out CEO life with & without a Trademark:


Finishes a 6-month contract with a brand designer for your new logo, website, product line, etc. Sells out of inventory and fills calendar for services after the first week of your launch!

Finishes a 6-month contract with a brand designer for your new logo, website, product line, etc. just to get a cease & desist from the ORIGINAL brand name, product line, and logo owner!

Potential customers and clients searching for your signature product and your website, FB, IG, and LinkedIn are the one and only search results!

Typing in your signature product or brand name in Instagram or Google and 15 clone pages pop up!

You have complete control over the future of your business and brand because you SECURED your Trademark during your business foundation process.

Found out your logo, brand name, website, and slogan are already Trademarked after 1 year of business. So now you can’t Trademark without doing a COMPLETE rebrand. Maybe even have to change your target audience.

Making $10,000/month in revenue from your uniquely Trademarked brand!

Spending $10,000/month on attorney fees to take a CLONE to court!

You are showing up for your customers, clients, team, family, and yourself! 4 weeks later you receive your Trademark Registration Certification in the mail from BB Law!

You file your Trademark application by yourself and 4 weeks later you receive an office action!  OH 💩

Protect your business now, so you don’t end up on the BEFORE side of CEO life!

I love the customer service.  I love the legal counsel.  The icing on the cake for me was when I was speaking about branding and you said let's make this official first before investing in re-launching and branding. I feel your firm is looking out for our best interest and wants to see us win. 

- Danyell Mathews Owner of Chi & Chiang LLC

Our Process


Book your call or purchase your trademark package on our website.


BB law will research your brand for competing trademarks and provide clients with search results.


Complete our Intake form .


BB Law will file your trademark application with the USPTO.

Want to learn more about trademarks and the process?



What does it include?

  • Comprehensive Search

  • Attorney Drafted Opinion Letter Discussing Results of Search

  • File Trademark Application

  • Application Fee

  • Procedural & Substantive Office Actions

  • Attorney of Record

Our trademark packages includes an extra complimentary search in case your first trademark is taken.

No matter what type of office action your receive in your trademark application you will NOT have to pay extra for us to handle it.

Ready To File Your Trademark? 

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