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Danielle Brent-Bownes


I am 

Trademark & Business Attorney


Attorney Danielle Brent-Bownes is a native of Winston-Salem, NC. Danielle is an enthusiastic and zealous attorney who prides herself on her work ethic and ability to get things done irrespective of any circumstance.


Just like many of her clients, Danielle started her business from the ground up. She knows what it takes to build a successful business and understands the daily grind, making tough decisions, and taking risks in business. Because Danielle is on her own entrepreneurial journey she knows the legal protections you not only need right now but also in the future.


She is a member of the North Carolina State Bar, North Carolina Bar Association, and Forsyth County Bar Association. Danielle is as committed to her community as she is to her clients. She volunteered as a Guardian ad Litem in Guilford County for several years; in addition to volunteering with North Carolina Legal aid to assist low-income business owners.

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Brent-Bownes Law

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Brent-Bownes Law offers women entrepreneurs the opportunity to start, grow, and legally protect their brand! This includes (but is not limited to) proper starter legal documents, contracts, and trademarks!


The three pillars of our firm:





We entitle entrepreneurs to own their power by properly legitimizing their craft so they can expand their business with peace of mind. Brent-Bownes Law is committed to providing exceptional legal representation!

We are sharp, efficient, and dedicated to quickly achieving our client’s objectives! We advocate for our clients by taking a team-oriented approach designed to transform our clients from patron to protégé, equipping you with the tools needed to build a successful business!      

Whether new or returning, our clients aren’t just another transaction. Our ambition is to build relationships and support our clients, be their attorney and their trusted business advisor!



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