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What Is a Registered Agent & Why You Need One

If you want to register a business entity in the United States, you will need a registered agent. Many people seeking to form a business in North Carolina ask themselves what a registered agent is and why they need one. Simply put, a registered agent is the point of contact for your business entity. You need a registered agent not just because it is a requirement but because having one offers several benefits. Keep reading to learn more about registered agents.

What is a Registered Agent?

Some common synonyms of the term ‘registered agent’ that you might come across are:

● Resident agent

● Statutory agent

● Agent for service of process

In North Carolina, a registered agent is a third-party you legally appoint when registering your business with the North Carolina Secretary of State. These agents mainly receive legal documents such as government notices, corporate filing notifications, tax notices, compliance information, and others on your behalf. A registered agent also receives service of process on behalf of your business entity.

Businesses can hide behind thousands of employees and make it hard for the state to reach them when they want to send them legal documents. A registered agent makes it hard for business owners to hide. For example, the state needs assurance that when it sends you a summons, you receive it. A registered agent signs such documents to indicate receipt.

If you have a business entity outside North Carolina and want to do business in the state, you will need a registered agent.

What Requirements do Registered Agents Need to Meet?

Before getting a registered agent, you need to know that the state always delivers legal documents to a physical location.

Pro tip: Having a Post Office Box number is not the same as having a physical address.

Apart from a registered agent needing to have a physical address in North Carolina, they need to meet other qualifications. A registered agent;

● Should be one who operates the business during business hours on regular working days. This is vital because registered agents always need to be available to receive legal documents on behalf of the business.

● Should not only receive business documents and service of process on behalf of the entity but also always give them to the business owner.

Benefits of Having a Registered Agent

A registered agent ensures that you do not miss vital legal documents, but that you do not have to be personally burdened by their delivery. On top of that, a registered agent helps you by;

● Ensuring that you receive all the legal documents addressed to you on time and that you take action promptly.

● Maintaining privacy since the name and physical address of your business does not need to become public information. An agent's name and address can remain on the public record without your business's information having to appear there.

Contact Us for Help Today

If you need help registering your North Carolina business entity, contact and consult a qualified attorney today.

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