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Hiring Your First Employee

Successfully starting a business is a considerable achievement, and if you are now working toward hiring your first employees, well done! Employees are your most crucial resource as they can help you achieve your goals. Hiring the right people is not an easy task, however, and wrong choices could cause your business more harm than good. Hiring employees can make you feel overwhelmed because it can be unclear how or where to begin. If you understand the process from the start and remain organized, you will find that it is not impossible to achieve success.

First, before you hire your first employees, you need to meet specific legal requirements. After that, you need to find individuals who suit your business goals.

Read on to learn about the legal requirements you need to meet before hiring employees, and how to choose the right employees for your business.

Legal Requirements to Meet Before Hiring Employees

Before you consider interviewing job candidates, you need to meet some legal requirements. You need to;

Once you fulfill the above requirements, you can begin preparations to hire. Spend the time required to hire the right people because employees can make or break your business. If you do not invest time and energy and instead rush through the process, the employees you eventually hire might hurt rather than help your company. For example, if you select the wrong person for a vital job position, you might incur losses in the form of money, resources, and time.

In preparation;

  • Create a clear job description

  • Post job openings on relevant websites

  • Develop a list of questions you will ask potential employees

  • Develop a list of questions you should not ask potential employees.

You should avoid asking job candidates questions that will make them feel discriminated against. For example, avoid focusing on a person's race or religion or family status.

Once that is done, it is time to interview the candidates. However, before you interview any potential employee, there are several things you should consider.

Here are some tips for you to ensure you interview the right people for your business;

Interview and Hire Individuals Who Genuinely Care About Your Product or Service

Passionate employees are teachable and always willing to learn. Additionally, employees who believe in your product or service are assets to the business.

Take Your time

Do not be in a rush as you hire your first employees, since they are the ones who will help you develop your business from its young age. These individuals are the ones who will shape the future of your business, so you need to take your time when looking through applications so that you make the right decision.

Keeping these and other tips in mind, select potential candidates from the many applications you have received and schedule their interviews. After successfully interviewing job applicants and finding the right individuals, have them fill the necessary paperwork, prepare the workplace for them, and bring them on board.

Employee Handbook

It’s your first employee and I get it you may not think you need an employee handbook but you do! When you have an employee handbook it helps to make sure you’re implementing your policies and procedures consistently among your employees. It’s hard for a policy to be effective if it’s practiced inconsistently. Also, it will elevate any confusions among employees about what your expectations are.

Ready to Hire Your First Employees, but Need Help?

Contact and consult a qualified attorney if you need help with the legal process involved in hiring employees for your North Carolina business.

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